The Alexandria

In our User Oriented Collaborative Design Class we were challenged to understand and design for EMTs as a user group set in the year 2036. We used various design methodolgies and frameworks such as applied ethnography to understand our user group and ultimately designed a new hybrid space for EMTs and the communities they serve called the Alexandria after the Alexandria Plan and the first EMTs.

“UOCD isn’t so much design tools or skills (communication design, industrial design, web design, interaction design) - UOCD is design behaviours, practices and habits of mind.”

In UOCD, design is about:

(Other) people. Co-design, participatory design.
Ethnographic Practices. Observations beyond the obvious
Comfort with uncertainty and ambiguity.
Responsiveness to new data, new insights, contradictions.
Ability to act, to provisionally commit, without all answers yet.
Transcend one-to-one solutions for bolder, visionary ideas.

User Oriented Collaborative Design May 2016 Olin College of Engineering - ENGR 2250

Phase 1 - Explore

Phase 2 - Conceptualize

Phase 3 - Develop