GIF Art and Facebook Bot

"Just saw one of the coolest Messenger Chat Extensions since f8! Add the Gfycat bot to be able to use it in chats!"
- Dan Grover -
Product Manager @ Facebook Messenger Platform

While working at Gfycat, I was tasked with designing unique Facebook Messenger Bot and Extension that would not compete with Facebook Messenger's internal GIF tool that allowed users to send GIFs. For the extension, I came up with the concept of extending iMessage's drawing tool that would allow users to create a drawing and quickly send it to express themselves and/or use other users' original drawings creating a virtuous cycle. Furthermore, the bot allowed users to explore GIFs.

Lead UI and UX Designer Product Management Branding August 2017 Facebook Messenger Bot Facebook Messenger Extension Internal BD Help: John Dodini Bot Copy Help: Amanda Lorei